Application of small character inkjet printer in beverage industry


With the rapid improvement of consumption levels, consumers' demand for alcohol and beverages is also increasing. Therefore, the industrial production of alcohol and beverages has entered a rapid development trend before. The field of alcohol and beverages has become a pillar industry in China's social economy. Because each beverage must be marked with basic information such as the production date and storage period of substances, the rise of China's beverage industry has promoted the vigorous development of the field of small character inkjet printer marks.

Intelligent inkjet printer is becoming more and more popular in the automatic production line. The relevance of inkjet printers in the automatic production lines is very high. Most of them can carry out relevant daily tasks only by setting relevant standards. Inkjet printer also has certain intelligence, which can solve some dynamic data information of commodity train number and product batch number. For the relatively simple mark content of food enterprises, the inkjet printer can complete the production and synchronization of marks in the high-speed production line, so as to give a stronger mark practical effect to the high-speed production line.

Beverage raw materials tend to be diversified, and the professional skills of inkjet printers are also rapidly carried out. Due to the individual types and characteristics of printing ink required by inkjet printers, the inkjet printer in today's sales market can meet the printing of Coke bottles, metal bottles, plastic bottles, composite plastic flexible packaging, and other materials. It is not difficult to see that the wide application of high-analysis inkjet printers in the field of drinks is indeed an inevitable trend!

Inkjet printer is a non-contact inkjet marking equipment, which is safer and more efficient than traditional marking equipment. Traditional printing will have adverse effects, poor text clarity, time-consuming and difficulty, low production efficiency, and the material quality will lack more and more customers and customers due to the low packaging and printing quality, Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop the machinery and equipment of the older generation to replace them. The emergence of an inkjet printer in the market has solved the problem of traditional marking machines and equipment and produced the renewal and transformation of professional skills in marking packaging and printing in various fields.

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