$MPE Cyberpunk GameFi, Mechanical Public Enemy is a parallel universe carried by digitized.


The blockchain gaming ecosystem is rapidly evolving with new developments all the time in crypto (play-to-earn), NFTs (digital assets), and social-fi (individual DeFi). On a wider scale, a parallel can be drawn - how Las Vegas was built. At first, there was one bistro with a few slot machines and poker tables. Then more places opened with new games to play, and all winnings could be cashed out and then re-staked at each one of them. That fluidity cultivated the whole ecosystem.

Another parallel would be the growth of alternative asset classes such as financial derivatives, which confer both value and utility to their users. These tend to arrive during periods of uncertainty and over time become investable in their own right. The same is being applied in the crypto gaming space, only that it’s still at an early stage.

When a new ecosystem starts to sprout, it is usually accompanied by a social aspect. This is happening in the GameFi world as well. Mechanical Public Enemy marketplace trading, the options provided with NFT creations and content creation all show the many ways that users can take part. It also explains why so many new participants are rushing in.

In this context, our project team created the “Mechanical Public Enemy” project (hereinafter referred to as $MPE). $MPE pays tribute to Cyberpunk culture and movie: The Terminator. This is a topic of the solution to the centering and spreading CyberPunk culture. It is critical with the centrifugal CyberPunk game, combine the benefits and NFT to  create an ecosystem that is playing while playing. $MPE aims to achieve NFT operations crossing the play and platforms. The $MPE project includes going to center game, NFT and finance. $MPE has high security, asset preservation, public transparency, permanent preservation, and a low three-character threshold, so that users can enjoy Metaverse’s wonderful place.In the future, $MPE will establish a developer community in the open principle. $MPE hopes more users and companies are involved in the $ MPE ecological construction, providing a global user with a safe, convenient and interesting Metaverse.

Innovative features:

1.The unique mechanism makes the original NFT market a completely separate economic system from the game. The price of NFT is completely determined by players, accompanying built-in K map, each NFT market history price can be achieved in a panoramic view.

2.The in-game dual economy model, NFT is divided into three categories: pets, guns and mechanical maids. Different categories can influence each other to improve profitability and are not subject to the rigid quality requirements.

3.Alchemy mode: If you are not satisfied with the drawn NFT appearance, you can use five different types of NFT of the same quality to create a premium, players can create their own alchemy recipe to sell in the forum.

Mechanical Public Enemy is a crucial first step of ecosystem development with a richer environment, more assets, greater asset valuations and full fungibility of those assets. The parallel with Las Vegas can again be seen with how the ability to win – the financial incentive – must be matched by the ability to be entertained and to feel part of a group – the social incentives. Bringing these financial and social incentives together attracts new participants, which in turn increase both the financial and social rewards. This is a virtuous circle where supply actually creates demand and will ensure the rapid expansion of the GameFi universe.

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